• Posted on: 23 February 2020
  • By: Alberta Bobsleigh

If you would like to come out and try our exciting sport, there are many ways to get started.

Firstly, we have summer training in our Ice House facility at Canada Olympic Park. Here is where the best in the world learn how to push a sled fast. Canada has some of the top push athletes thanks to this world class facility. Alberta Bobsleigh has sessions twice a week throughout the summer, with guidance from our knowledgeable coaching staff. Check out our website calendar to find out when our "Learn to Push" camps start.

This upcoming season will be a little different than past seasons due to the track closure. We are hopeful that this is just temporary that we don't have the Calgary track. We will be a camp based team this winter. This means we will train here with an Ice House and weights/sprinting programs, then have a couple of camps at different tracks. An early one in Whistler (1 or 2 weeks... October/November) with a driving school. Then we are looking at other trips throughout the winter. Most of these camps will be athlete funded, but we will be taking care of sled transportation, coaching and track fees.

All of our programs are for both men and women 16 years of age and up (14 in the Ice House). Whether you are looking for an exciting recreational sport or wanting to push yourself to be the next Olympic Champion, we have the program for you.